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Ickes & Ickes Attorneys At Law is a local, fully licensed, and private family law practice located in Bend, Oregon serving all of Central Oregon. Owners Sonia Huntsman Ickes and Robert Ickes created this practice with a focus on family law, divorce law, and estate planning.

With over 10 years each in experience as both trial lawyers and negotiators, we have the flexibility and knowledge to give you the representation that you need. We are selective about the cases we take to keep our caseload at a level where we can provide the advocacy and attention you deserve.

To ensure that we are providing superior client services, we maintain open communication throughout each case. When you choose our practice to represent your case, you can be sure that you will be aggressively and compassionately represented throughout this challenging and transitional period in your life.

About Sonia Huntsman Ickes

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Sonia Huntsman Ickes received her law degree from Willamette University College of Law in Salem, Oregon in 2006. While attending law school, Sonia was an active participant on Moot Court Board, and was the Outside Articles Editor of the Willamette Journal of International Law and Dispute Resolution. Sonia also clerked for the Department of Justice in the Civil Recovery section during her years at law school.

After graduating, Sonia obtained her clerkship in Eugene, Oregon, with one of the senior judges, Judge Darryl Larson. After her clerkship, Sonia was an attorney for a private law firm in Bend, Oregon. Using her experience in the private law firm, Sonia opened her own private law practice in Bend, Oregon. Then, Sonia moved back to her hometown of St. George, Utah in early 2011, and worked for The Huntsman Firm. She then became a partner in her own firm with her husband of ten years, Robert William Ickes. During this time, she argued to the Utah Court of Appeals and won on a highly contested family law matter. Sonia has approximately 11 years of legal experience, and has been a partner at Ickes & Ickes, LLC for the past 6 years. She moved back to Bend with Robert in 2016 to continue their law practice together, and to raise their family in beautiful Central Oregon. Sonia enjoys the natural playground that Central Oregon offers her family all year long for camping, snow shoeing, hiking, and gardening.


About Robert William Ickes

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Robert William Ickes graduated in 2005 from Willamette University College of Law in Salem, Oregon. While studying law, Robert was an active participant in Moot Court Board and was an editor and writer for Willamette Law Online. He worked for the Willamette Clinical Law program as well during law school.

Robert was a prosecutor for 3 years after graduating from law school, then went into private practice. Robert worked at The Huntsman Firm after moving to St. George, Utah with his wife. Robert then became a partner with his wife at Ickes & Ickes, LLC, and has been a partner at this firm for the past 6 years. During this time, he argued to the Utah Court of Appeals and won on a highly contested family law matter. Robert also has around 11 years of legal experience as an attorney. Robert and Sonia moved back to Bend in 2016 to continue their practice together and raise their family. Robert is very happy to be back in Central Oregon, and enjoys mountain biking, archery, hiking, and camping.

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